* Happy, happy, happy!

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for sharing her Three Things Thursday.  Take a look at her gorgeous paper flower creation.  She’s just so handy!  So nerdy!  So clever and kind.  Such a terrific blogger who has encouraged me SO much!

My own three things of happy for today includes erasing the last shreds of the Windows 10 Borg.  Resistance was futile.  I spent 4 hours yesterday uninstalling bits of iTunes so I could reinstall the program in one piece.  Poor iTunes, transformed into a single, hazy, disappearing .msi file.  That Windows “upgrade” has cost me weeks of effort to repair.  Like the Terminator, to mix analogies, it keeps coming back.  Can you believe that?  Upgrading IS simple but restoring your trashed computer is not.  Hopefully someone has noticed the resistance….Windows 10

My second thing of happy is the cooler, damp weather.  My hair is curling with joy.  Which reminds me, did I ever show you my Afro?  I hunted down this photo to show a student.  As you can see, I’ve had all manner of hair.  This was probably the easiest to maintain.  I’ll show you the hardest another time.  Right now, after the Borg-Terminator attack, I need easy. Afro

My third thing of happy is ToyWiz.com.  They promptly shipped a very special Lego Ninjago birthday present for a very special kid.  I was praying that it would arrive before his birthday party!  It will probably take this Ninjago genius 10 minutes to assemble the Fangpyre truck.  I am learning a lot about Ninjago!


If you want to learn more about nerdy things, Nerd in the brain (NitB) is your woman!