* I can’t remember

#Weekendcoffeeshare is a group I joined a month ago but I still haven’t posted with them once! Why not?

  1. I don’t drink coffee
  2. My writing stinks
  3. My junk room decluttering is taking a LONG time
  4. We took a trip to Florida
  5. I started and deleted Housescapes after wasting many hours
  6. Ditto Solitaire
  7. I’m reading books to make sure I want to share them with kiddos
  8. I didn’t remember?

Wait a minute. Is there a rumor circulating that I need ‘memory care?’ I got this image from the linky-link page. How rude!

Of course I remembered this group. And that thingy you use to get the stuff out of the whatchamacallit. Wait, I left it somewhere. It’s probably with my phone. Have you seen my phone anywhere?