* U and V are for UV!

Did you know that being a teacher is good for your skin?  Getting to school before or at sunrise and leaving long after sunset keeps you from being zapped by UV rays.  In my case, sadly, the UVAs, UVBs and UVCs had already zapped my skin into the danger zone long before I started teaching.  When I was growing up, kids did not lather up with sunblock on field days.  First of all, every day was a field day back then, since we all lived outside after school.  And sunblock?  My aunt’s version was mineral oil mixed with iodine!  I imagine she glowed in the dark.  Me?  I just blistered and peeled.

If you’ve gotten an unhealthy dose of UV-something, don’t fret.  Ancient skin can provide countless conversation starters during school.

Student:  What are those things by your eyes?

Me:  Wrinkles.

Student:  Why do you have those band-aids on your face?

Me:  It’s where the doctor had to take care of my skin and each oozing lesion is covered up so you won’t be totally grossed out.

Student:  My mom doesn’t have those.

Me:  Grrr.  That’s great!   OK, back to work.

Student:  Why do your arms jiggle like that?

Me:  Just a sec.  I need to put on my sweater.

Stay calm and keep smiling.

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