* Jobs with Hats book

These specialists have a great time with their kids. You should look at their “Hats at Work” book, which makes excellent use of technology to create a fantastic group of kids at work! Awesome resources!

Group by Group

IMG_2639We are learning about community helpers by talking about all the different jobs with hats!  Our lovely student models posed for the different pictures  and make these jobs look like fun!

Some of the different jobs with hats we talked about were cowboys, construction workers, and Buckingham Palace guards.  Take a look at the book and see lots of different jobs with hats!

IMG_2452Here is a link to the book: Look at All the Jobs With Hats!

We also have another book about jobs with hats which Michael, one of our parents, helped us out with.  Thank you so much for your help with this, Michael!

Here is the second book link: Hats at Work

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