* Special buddies

Color Your World: Robin Egg Blue

Neti and Hunter 2

There are two sweet stories behind this photo.

One story is about school.  Neddy the Yeti was a version of Elf on a Shelf, only cuter and fluffier  He’s hugging Hunter the hedgehog, the school mascot.  Hunter is a bit immature and although he wanted Neddy to be his friend, he did not want to be supplanted in his student’s affections.  As long as Neddy agreed to leave on December 31 (and return next year), Hunter allowed the hugs.  Sort of.

The other story is from Cee’s Color Your World challenge post.  She created the coolest effect with indigo by changing the rest of the photo to black and white.  I told her I had to give that a try and she encouraged me to do so!  I tell you, Cee is a remarkable woman.

* Brrr….

Color Your World: Inchworm


We could use this gorgeous stove around here after the winter storm that swept through!  Yes, this is another Colonial WIlliamsburg photo from the Governor’s Palace. The green does look bright when the sunlight forces its way into the building (look to the right side, OK?).  I am so grateful for electricity.  And that our temps are going up to the 60s by week’s end.  Yea!