* Three Things Thursday

Okay, it’s really Free Fings Friday.  Thank you, dear Nerd in the Brain, for your inspiration to stop and appreciate the happy fings.  And to play Pokemon Go!

The best news this week is that my mind is slowing emerging from Lead Apron Syndrome.  You know that heavy lead blanket radiologists drape over you, the one that supposedly stops you from glowing in the dark after multiple x-rays?  Kidney infections wrap and seal that sucker tightly around your head.  I’ve been “shielded ” from sensible thoughts all week.  I thought I could work.  WRONG!  I thought I could muscle my way through this infection with will power.  WRONG!  Now I am in the “I can do anything” mode, as I sit here in my PJs.  I kinda like this stage.  If only my heart didn’t ache from not being able to teach.


I can see clearly now, the brain is gone.  I can see all obstacles in my way….

As usual for this time of year, the hill behind our house is a daycare center for fawns.  Mommy deer park their spotted babes who wait obediently for hours until mama returns.  I don’t know a single child who would do that for 5 minutes, much less all day.  It’s horrible out there: hot and humid, bugs and snakes everywhere, no sign of mama.  Is this instinctive or does mama threaten her babe with a lead apron?


My dearest widower has been SOOOOO kind.  Hot tea for the chills.  Hot tea for comfort.  Food and blankets and prayers and warnings (“You may not go to work!  You may not drive!”).  My precious sister has coated me with enough prayers for this infection and any for the rest of my life.  Their love, and that of so many others, makes me cry.  I’m not invincible, I’m not in control, and my will is not enough.  And that leads me to the arms of my Lord, who knew that all along.  He smiles at my feeble understanding and grips me tightly.  He will never drop me or leave me.  He gave me this strong will for survival, knowing that with His power, despite my will and the lead apron, all is well with my soul.




* Three Things Thursday

Thanks, Nerd in the Brain, for your weekly encouragement to share happiness with others!  I’ve been a bit sleep-deprived this week, teaching at 8:00 and wondering how I ever woke up at 5:30 for MANY years.  I’m grateful that being semi-retired usually allows me to sleep well past that time!  Despite the sleep deprivation, I do know that today is Friday.  Free Fings Friday?

Onward and upward….  My sessions with Christopher, my autistic nephew, are going VERY well.  I spend considerable time supporting his brain in developing filing systems of concepts and categories, under which he can store new information and access it more effectively.  I can “see” that organization developing, for which I am most grateful.  I keep emphasizing how smart he is, with specifics, because Christopher doesn’t feel smart.  He is now less adrift when I use praise such as “You are using context clues!” and “You identified the problem!”  Still, he’d much prefer to talk about Mario than problem solving!  No duh.

I had a delightful surprise visit from a former student this week!  We started our relationship when he was in 2nd grade and worked together through 6th grade.  Now he is 20 years old.  No way!  He was always a delight, but how awesome to see this self-assured, confident young man telling me about his goals for the future!  He’s in college and doing well, sorting out his plans, still an artist, and always a precious guy.  We laughed about some of our earlier experiences and hope to reconnect while he is still working in town.  His family was exceptionally devoted, always advocating and supportive.  What a joy to reconnect!  I told him I’d always kept his special card to me (the images were a representation of some funny and sweet memories):

I had somewhat miserable news from my doctor this week about cholesterol and kidneys, but given my allergies and genes, it’s a blessing that I am mostly healthy.  These are also signs of aging, of the natural process which will eventually lead me to heaven.  I’m going to redouble my efforts to eat well (i.e., vegetarian) but ultimately, I am on a journey to an amazing eternity.  My Savior is waiting eagerly for me, and although I am not ready to leave yet, I long for that perfect world.

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful week.  



* If We Were Having Coffee: Just One Thing on My Mind Today

On race: Nerd in the Brain’s post is full of hope for the next generation, along with some practical suggestions for reform and changed hearts and minds.

Nerd in the Brain

*I originally stumbled across this concept at Part Time Monster, and I love, love, love the idea of having a chatty post once a week. I do hope you enjoy my ramblings.*  Weekend Coffee Share Weekly Pic - Dinos and Coffee | This Nerd's Life

If we were having coffee…

I would tell you that, as most Americans do right now (I hope), I have a lot on my mind. Yesterday, I “should” have popped a “Friday Fun” post on the blog, but I wasn’t feeling fun. I was feeling sad and angry…and contemplative. Contemplative about my role and place in systemic racism and the horrifying violence that’s resulting from it. Contemplative about the appropriate place for my voice. Contemplative about the actions I can do that will have an effect.

And here’s what I came up with:

The library. (Some of you probably don’t find that shocking coming from me.) Yes, the library. I truly believe that education is fundamental to…

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