* Three Things Thursday

Nerd in the Brain is my inspiration for this post.  Thursday’s a good time to be thankful (and NitB seems thankful every day).  Before I share, be sure to check out her COOOOOL experiment with ice.  Can you pick up an ice cube with a string?  Without putting any of your body parts in the ice?  Or any sib body parts in there, either.  I’m using this experiment in my science fair camp for sure.

First Thing of Thankful:

My day this week with the kiddos was wonderful!  The weather at the park was mild  with no bees or mosquitoes.  That’s miraculous.  Only two meltdowns all day and they were brief.  Whew!  We did it all and had a ball.  I learned that I can no longer swing on the monkey bars but my jacks skills are intact.  I taught the kiddos to recognize poison ivy and poison oak (yes, there was a lot of it at the park but no one got zapped!).  We had a terrific brinner (breakfast food for dinner) at a local restaurant and watched the Angry Birds movie (overrated).  Fun, fun, fun.

Second Thing of Thankful:

Science fair camp is off to a great start.  We haven’t blown up anyone or anything!  Can’t beat that!

Third Thing of Thankful:

It’s wonderful to be alive!  Sometimes I forget that I lived half my life in agony and torment.  I forget that my first suicide attempt was at age 4.  I forget that a dear therapist (now deceased) helped me make it through my 30th birthday, which was my personal End It All date.  But I will never forget that it got even worse until I met my Savior at age 38.  And that my dearest widower and I spent 5 years in hell from 2000-2005 as that Savior finally redeemed every memory (which I fought tooth and nail).  I could never have imagined this wonderful life!