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Try Glogster for an amazing number of classroom-related tasks, from teacher helpers to student assignments. This post could have saved me many hours of angst!

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Let’s face it, some people are just better at being organized than others. Our students are certainly proof of that, with some taking great pleasure in writing to-do lists and others mumbling homework excuses every single morning. A lot of the time educators attempt to solve these problems by incentivizing organization, offering neon-colored week-planner notebooks and rainbow fine-line pens, in hopes that learners will become excited about color-coding their notes and keeping their files in order. For us adults however, organizational tools lose their appeal all too quickly, often leaving us knee-deep in chaos and deadlines. In the second installment to our stress-free back-to-school series, we explore how Glogster can help you lay out your lesson plans, schedule and more, with enough colour and creativity to help you get excited about planning ahead!

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* Super Teacher Worksheets

Welcome to Super Teacher Worksheets.  For a very small yearly fee, you have access to thousands of printable PDF files, including math, spelling, comprehension passages, board games, graphic organizers, phonics, science, holiday themes, social studies, and a huge collection of teacher resources.  And more.

Super Teacher Worksheets

I have been using this site for a few years now.  The addition of “generators” for creating your own worksheets, flashcards, and games has made this site even more user-friendly.  I routinely make bingo cards for a variety of reading and math activities.  I have used worksheet generators on other cites, but Super Teacher  Worksheets makes it quick and easily individualized.  They print out beautifully and can be saved (and easily edited) in “My File Cabinet.”  One advantage of playing a bingo game one-on-one (or in a small group) is that the student is actively involved for each turn because they read the answer cards.  Here’s an example of bingo game calling cards and the playing cards themselves.  calling cardsBingo cards


  • This site has such an abundance of materials that you don’t need to hunt all over the web for materials.
  • The graphics used are clear and simple.
  • The materials are well-organized by subject.
  • The materials include racial and gender diversity.
  • The search function works very well and responds intuitively when my memory fails me.
  • The generators are top-notch.  It takes me about 10 minutes to create a classy set of bingo cards (I usually use colored card stock for greater appeal).
  • The site is constantly being upgraded with new materials.
  • I no longer have to waste time with tedious internet searches that try to sneak malware into my computer.
  • Did I mention that it is VERY reasonably priced?


  • The logo is cheesy.  FIX: Try not to look at it.
  • Hmmm
  • Hmmm

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars.