* Z is for Zinged!


Yep, I’ve been zinged by “Technology Addiction: Concern, Controversy, and Finding Balance.”  I admit to being addicted by technology.  I love tech challenges and will spend hours searching for ways to make STUFF work just right.  I’m also hooked on computer games with matching jewels.  So what about kids?  How is their increasing use of technology affecting them?   Published by Common Sense Media, this research brief on Technology Addiction included the results of 180 studies combined with a recent survey of tweeners and teens.  The article concluded:

  1. More study is needed to determine whether internet addiction is a psychological disorder and exactly how it affects kids.  (Have I become a tech zombie?)
  2. Our ability to focus may be affected by digital multitasking.  (Duh.)
  3. Technology is a source of conflict in families.  (You can ask my dearest tech widower about this!)
  4. Overuse of digital media may lead to “lower empathy and social well-being.”  (As in neglecting family and friends?)
  5. Technology may help teens express their developmental needs to connect and receive peer validation.  (Too late for me.)
  6. Balance, balance, balance the use of technology while modeling its appropriate use.  (Put away the phone while driving!)

This is a much-needed zinger for many of us, I imagine.

What do you think?  Are bloggers more likely to be or become addicted to technology?