* North Carolina

If you haven’t ever visited Group by Group’s blog, you’ve missed out on some amazing work with special needs kids. The projects this team creates (freely shared!) are wonderful. I am so delighted they wrote a book on North Carolina!  Wouldn’t it be a joy to work with these folks?

Group by Group

IMG_3793Well it is almost time for the annual pilgrimage when many Floridians head for the cooler mountains of North Carolina 🙂 so this week we decided to learn more about that fabulous state. We would also like to give a shout out to our North Carolina friend at teachezwell.me (a great blog you should check out) who gave us some ideas for this unit! Our sensory group explored boxes related to some very interesting facts about the state. The fine motor group made art projects related to state symbols and the language group used the official state drink to make a tasty treat!


IMG_3639This box contained tinsel and beads in the colors of the state flag—–red, white, and blue!

There were also some gold beads representing the state mineral and the state song recorded on a voice output device.

The state reptile (turtle) and tree (pine) could also…

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