* P is for parenting

I can divide my career into two distinct segments: pre-parenting and post-parenting.  Before I was a parent myself, I did not understand that the world of home and the world of school are separate universes.  (Kudos to homeschooling parents who bridge the gap!)  Staying up all night with a sick child, coming home from work exhausted but still “on?”  Waking up before the crack of dawn?  Understanding algebra homework?  The worst was explaining that our puppy ate the take-home book.  TWICE!

My post-parenting advice differed primarily in the area of behavior management.  My “teacher” ideas of reasonableness evaporated as I attempted my own reward systems with two mostly compliant kids.  Where did that effective emotional distance go?  What happened to my ability to say no?  Could you say “No more!” to this cutie?   Fortunately, my dearest widower helped steer us safely through the parenting channels.

Matthew 3 years old.jpg