* In the Zone

My dearest widower and I have been thrilled that our nephew and his fiancee could spend the holiday weekend with us.  Both of them are exceptionally fit and healthy.  They have taken  time to share their Zone Diet with us, which can be adapted to any food preferences from vegan to paleo.  This diet’s goal is to reduce your body’s inflammatory responses by eating a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.  Basically, you determine how many “blocks” of food you should eat a day, based on your BMI, and then decide how you want to distribute your eating throughout the day (such as three main meals, more smaller meals, etc.).

Dr. Sears’ Zone Diet website is pretty thin, which is the goal of many American men and women, but the basic idea of balancing protein, carbs, and fat makes sense.  My daily struggle  with chronic low blood sugar is a nuisance (not to be confused with all the body ailments I’ve mentioned recently!).  I come close to passing out every day and struggle with mental fuzziness and fatigue, so I pop some chocolate into my mouth and continue eating far too many carbohydrates.   According to the Zone Food Blocks Guide, I would be better off if I balanced my meals with more protein and fat.  Ta-dah!  After two days on the Zone Diet, I feel SO much better.  I am not perpetually hungry and I haven’t felt dizzy and weak.

OK, two days is not enough time to effectively analyze this diet, but I am VERY encouraged.   Any day without faint-headedness is a good day!  Here are our two adorable guests wearing these cool night vision devices designed by our nephew.  What’s not to love?

A and S.JPG