* It’s all About Me

Welcome to the new and improved me!  Thanks to Suzi for her inspiration!  This is my big FAT statement on what you can expect to find on my blog.  OK, since no one wants to read a 1,000 word post, here’s the short version.


Love my dearest teaching widower!


Love to worship Jesus!










Love to teach!


Love to play!


old yeller

Love dogs and love to take photos!









Love to read, HATE racism, love technology, and love exclamation points!!!   Did I say I HATE racism?




How to Create a Successful About Page

When I read Suzi’s blogging and organizational tips, it feels like January 1 again, with an opportunity to start afresh. I am still pondering her suggestions for my “About Me” page. After one year of folks reading About Me, I discovered a dreadful typo. It’s past time for an update (feels a bit like December 31). Hope you enjoy her tips! And her About page is marvelous.

Suzie Speaks

About page

When I discover a blog for the first time, it’s rare that I will look at the posts on the home page. Instead, I will usually click straight onto the About page, as this will hopefully tell me about the author and the general theme of the blog itself. If I’m pressed for time, I’ll often make a quick decision based upon what I see there as to whether I wish to delve further. They are also a place where I will go if I want to ask a blogger a question that isn’t related to any of their posts.

Today I noticed that a number of people had clicked on my About page and came to the realisation that it is in need of some serious updating, particularly as the rest of my blog has undergone a huge transformation recently, and I have gained a number of new followers.

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* 15 Things That Don’t Require Qualifications or Talent


The testing systems in the US and UK share some unfavorable effects. Suzi recalls the fear and dread they can evoke but focuses primarily on 15 life skills that seem more predictive of success in the Real World. They are in the realm of EQ, social skills, and character traits. It’s a list worth reading!


Suzie Speaks

imageWith the impending GCSE results due out tomorrow, the topic was already trending in the early hours of this morning on Twitter with thousands of teenagers anxiously waiting to see how they had fared, many of them already dismayed at the fact that grade boundaries for certain subjects had been raised… again.

At school, I was a high achiever who enjoyed the process of learning. I worked hard with the belief that qualifications were the be all and end all to everything that would make my life successful and happy in the future, and even after doing my A levels and a degree, my GCSE exams still remain as one of the scariest and most stressful experiences I’ve ever had.

And yet, eighteen years of life after leaving school (and spending ten years working as a teacher) has made me realise that, while qualifications on paper are important, there is…

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* 50 Easy Steps to Make Life Better — Suzie Speaks

At first glance, you might run as fast as possible from this post.  50 STEPS?  Are you CRAZY?  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that these are DOABLE.  As Suzi points out, you don’t do all of them in one day.   You’ll find many that resonate, so start there.  Consider these as timesavers for the school year that looms ahead.  Many of them are perfect for keeping your classroom well organized.  Teach them to your students (I wish I had learned some of these when I was younger).  I am going to make them my Bucket List for the next month and keep you posted on how I’m doing.  Thanks, Suzi, and let the journey begin!!  

This was a list of physical, psychological, financial and emotional things that I created a couple of months ago to make life that little bit easier… and it really works. Of course, it’s impossible to do all of these in a day, but I have broken it down into smaller chunks – I’ve found that […]

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* Three Things Thursday

Suzi was one of the first teachers I discovered when I started blogging. She does a LOT in the blogging world and has awesome suggestions for improving your blog. She’s hilarious, organized, and her authentic sharing has been a terrific encouragement to me. I hold Suzi responsible (!) for helping me share more personally and well, helping me enjoy blogging more than ever. This post is a cool way to start sharing yourself without TMI. Enjoy!

Suzie Speaks

imageThis was an idea I originally saw on Jenny in Neverland last year, and then a similar thing appeared on Facebook a few weeks ago. I thought it would be a fun idea to try it myself…

Three names I go by:
(Of the printable, non-offensive ones…)
1. Sue (which is odd for me, as until I’d moved to Birmingham nobody ever called me that)
2. Suzie
3. Madam (the school that I often work at insists that female staff are referred to as ‘Madam,’ instead of ‘Miss.’ Even after 4 years I still find it odd.)

Three things I blog about:
1. My daily life – almost in the form of an online journal.
2. Things that amuse me.
3. Restaurants I visit.

Three places I have visited:
1. New York
2. Pompeii
3. Barcelona

Three places I would like to visit:
1. Tokyo
2. Sydney
3. Las Vegas

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* Tales from the sick room

What a rough time it’s been for the past few weeks!  I appreciate your patience with me and many thanks to Suzi Speaks for sending get-well wishers to my site!

woman-160651_640How appropriate that I have read my way through many of the Bess Crawford books during this health lapse (the image above is from Pixabay, not the books). Bess is a British nurse during WWI, which has inspired my belated Ten Things of Thankful (hi Lizzi!).  Here we go:

  1. I do not have shrapnel wounds or the Spanish flu.
  2. I do have antibiotics.
  3. My feet are not gangrenous.
  4. My widower has been a better nurse than Bess.
  5. My dearest widower has been feeding both me and the birdlings.
  6. My dearest, dearest widower has been tolerant as I play computer games and ask for cups of tea.
  7. My dearest, dearest, dearest, dearest widower still loves me enough to make a pit stop on the freeway every 15 minutes.   Or perhaps I should say, OFF the freeway, in case you are worrying.
  8. My shell shock comes from shopping for school supplies, not a battlefield.  Similar, but don’t ask.
  9. Unlike Bess, I am not surrounded by murder victims.  Well….
  10. Unlike Bess, I do not have to iron everything I wear.  On the other hand, she has unlimited wealth and status.  Of course, I am a teacher, so I measure those things differently.  Convenient, huh?

I got a great tip from Exceptional Delaware:  Have posts scheduled for when you are dead or dying.  No, he didn’t say it like that, but how macabre to read my posts only to discover that I’m in heaven!  Actually, you would never know.  My dearest widower could not access this blog, since I was locked out myself (GRRRR), and he is no tech hero.  Can you tell I have spent too much time reading crime novels?

I shall return to things reasonable and educational ASAP.10thankful-banner