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Matific is terrific!  What a fabulous website for teachers and parents!  I am only using a free trial right now, but here’s what I will enjoy for the next 30 days:

Awesome math games (called “episodes”) which can be used to supplement school/ tutoring math lessons, added as homework, or selected by the student for independent play (if teacher/parent allow).   I found myself happily playing a number of these episodes.

Excellent coordination with your math instruction.  Math activities (games and hundreds of worksheets) can be assigned which correlate to your school’s math textbook, Common Core, and/or student needs. Activities may also be assigned by grade level or topic.

An enormous number of activities are available!  They are designed for kindergarten through 6th grade.  What about quality?  These episodes require mathematical reasoning, provide positive feedback, and make excellent use of current technology for computers and tablets with touch screens.  They go far beyond the typical “pop the correct answer” online game.  Without pesky time limits, special needs kids with processing issues will enjoy the process.  I think all kids will enjoy both the thoughtfulness and humor in these games.  And who knew that worksheets could be engaging?  Try them at Matific and see!

Solid resources for teachers.   You’ll find lesson plans, videos, tutorials, recorded webinars, white papers and more.  The teacher guides for episodes are extremely well done.  There’s a description of the required task, requisite skills (“behind the scene”), suggestions for demonstrating the episode to individuals or the whole class, VERY thoughtful questions for improving student understanding and promoting further exploration, and then more teacher-led follow up activities.

Strong student analytics.  Get reports on classroom overview; individual student achievement; and student scores cumulatively, by topic, and by assignment.  They’re quite simple to access- no hunting required.

Excellent pedagogy.   Matific is a seriously well-designed site and takes supplemental math instruction to a whole new level.  Students are encouraged to reason and enjoy math.  I especially value the inclusion of algebraic thinking as a math topic.  The folks behind Matific are solid mathematicians and computer whizzes.

And after my 30 day free trial?  Seriously reasonable cost for an upgraded membership.  I am surprised at the low cost of Matific and hope it stays that way!   Great value for an amazing website!

I have snipped a copy of The Matific Mission and would say their mission is a success!

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My rating: 5 out of 5 stars  starstarstarstarstar