* Blogging A-Z wrap up and more

checkered-flags-309794_640Thanks to Nerd in the Brain, I discovered that I should leave some feedback on April’s Blogging A-Z challenge.  I loved every post of it, probably because I was in one of my favorite modes: catch up!  I started late and enjoyed the challenge of catching up and even finishing a day early.

The challenge of catching up is one reason I love special education.  It’s a challenge worth taking.  This summer I face two major challenges: bringing two students to grade level and beyond, one in reading and one in math.  Both are twice exceptional students.  Both have known more than their share of heartache and failure.  These kids and their families are committed and motivated to the task that lies ahead.  It’s a daunting one, in many ways, but I am confident that together, we can finish well.

I will share my experiences as we use this summer “break” to reach a knowledge-appropriate finish line, with renewed confidence for the upcoming school year.