* Rubric for completing homework

I get a lot of requests for rubrics.  Here’s one for completing homework.  (One caveat: I am NOT a homework advocate, but I recognize that I hold a minority opinion, since every kid I serve has homework.)  I am assuming that your child is a special needs student, although the rubric could be used by any student with homework issues, so it would be a good idea to get the special educator to support the rubric.  As always, someone must rehearse the use of a rubric.  This can involve role-playing, videotaping, possible incentives, and discussions, perhaps with the special ed teacher; many kids do best when they know that the work is “teacher assigned.”  I always imagine a student in order to create a rubric, so like all effective rubrics, this is individualized to meet the needs of “Jacob.”   Jacob must earn 12 stars for his reward as we start using this rubric.  The number of stars required will rise as he meets that first modest requirement.  If your child does not experience initial success, then you must lower the bar pronto.  Say, “Oops! I thought I said you had to get EIGHT stars!  My bad!”  homework rubric