* Mother’s Anchor

The excellent Mother’s Anchor organization system is not just for mothers!  A well-designed and interactive system to get you and your home in order, Mother’s Anchor is an inspiring workbook for all- and free (although you should donate!).

Written by Carolyn Langston, an experienced teacher and organizationally-challenged (OC) person, this guide includes all the components you’d want to see in topnotch school lessons.  She lists goals for each section of her workbook and tools for helping you evaluate your needs and strengths, along with her personal experience in the organizational journey.  I appreciate how much Carolyn shares about her own journey, starting with a day back in 1982, when she was surrounded by 20 bags of “stuff” after moving to a new home.  Fast forward to today and Carolyn is now helping others through her Mother’s Anchor.

What do I love most about this workbook?  It’s hard to pick just one feature!

  • The opportunity to examine what I truly want in my home and life
  • The personal tips Carolyn provides, which I am now copying!
  • The easy-to-read format of the guide
  • Carolyn’s structure of organizational strategies which scaffolds skills for an OC person like me, step by step on my way to success
  • As an educator, this workbook will be helpful in supporting students manage time, materials, and assignments

What’s next?  Go to the Mother’s Anchor blog and start your own journey towards a simpler, more peaceful, and clutter-free life!

Carolyn Langston

Carolyn Langston, inspiring educator and writer