* Check out Chapel Hill Snippets

chapel hill snippetsChapel Hill Snippets is a marvelous blog full of special ed freebies, wisdom, and insights by Ruth Morgan, a speech-language pathologist.  Ruth is an experienced, generous, and kind lady who has helped me numerous times and continues to let me “borrow” a plastic fish from her (it’s a long story!).  I especially like her post on using the following video to teach perseverance in a social skills group. social skills from Ruth

Chapel Hill Snippets has an incredible array of resources to download for FREE.  You will also find helpful tutorials on using an iPad and other technologies.  Her article on iPad word walls is excellent advice for those kids who struggle with both spelling and copying something from halfway across the room.  She’s inspired me to get the Decibel app after her detective work around the school, identifying areas which are too loud for kids and teachers.  Ruth handled that situation with her typical diplomacy and got results.  Her blog is worth following, so please check it out!