* Well, duh.

SpamI never realized that bloggers get spam.  At first, I used to carefully glean every spam comment, and even clicked on their links.  How fantastic that SO many people commented on my blog!   I wasn’t even sure how they found my blog.  Surely these comments were not SPAM.  No one would take the time to send junk to a teacher’s blog, right?  After reading hundreds of comments about ladies’ shoes and weight loss programs, along with the ubiquitous “Dear web admin, you seem to be missing something,” I have almost stopped checking my spam box.  But then I found one insightful comment:

Yes! Finally someone writes about mastercard balance transfers.

How did they know about my use of credit cards?  If you’ve been following this blog, or even if you’re a first time reader, I hope you don’t follow my example.  My husband calls each school year “The Great Teachezwell Giveaway,” prompted by my never-ending purchases of teaching supplies.  Perhaps there’s a reason to keep checking that spam box after all.