* Tales from the sick room

What a rough time it’s been for the past few weeks!  I appreciate your patience with me and many thanks to Suzi Speaks for sending get-well wishers to my site!

woman-160651_640How appropriate that I have read my way through many of the Bess Crawford books during this health lapse (the image above is from Pixabay, not the books). Bess is a British nurse during WWI, which has inspired my belated Ten Things of Thankful (hi Lizzi!).  Here we go:

  1. I do not have shrapnel wounds or the Spanish flu.
  2. I do have antibiotics.
  3. My feet are not gangrenous.
  4. My widower has been a better nurse than Bess.
  5. My dearest widower has been feeding both me and the birdlings.
  6. My dearest, dearest widower has been tolerant as I play computer games and ask for cups of tea.
  7. My dearest, dearest, dearest, dearest widower still loves me enough to make a pit stop on the freeway every 15 minutes.   Or perhaps I should say, OFF the freeway, in case you are worrying.
  8. My shell shock comes from shopping for school supplies, not a battlefield.  Similar, but don’t ask.
  9. Unlike Bess, I am not surrounded by murder victims.  Well….
  10. Unlike Bess, I do not have to iron everything I wear.  On the other hand, she has unlimited wealth and status.  Of course, I am a teacher, so I measure those things differently.  Convenient, huh?

I got a great tip from Exceptional Delaware:  Have posts scheduled for when you are dead or dying.  No, he didn’t say it like that, but how macabre to read my posts only to discover that I’m in heaven!  Actually, you would never know.  My dearest widower could not access this blog, since I was locked out myself (GRRRR), and he is no tech hero.  Can you tell I have spent too much time reading crime novels?

I shall return to things reasonable and educational ASAP.10thankful-banner