* Rubric for good sportsmanship

Here’s a sample rubric for good sportsmanship.  I do use that term, even with kindergartners, because I figure they might as well start off learning terminology that we’ll continue to use in the future.  When teaching kids how to join in a game, we do a lot of videotaped rehearsals and practice with puppets and peers.  Most of my kiddos hate to lose (me, too!) so I give them opportunities to win games and then gradually wean them off victory into the “real” world.  They enjoy hearing how I used to cheat my sister at Monopoly (“Oh, my teacher is human!”) and I emphasize candor as we navigate the winning and losing issues.  Obviously, some rubrics for good sportsmanship will have a greater focus on simply joining in, because some kids are at a loss during recess.  Other kids need more emphasis on playing fair or managing their feelings if they lose a game.  The best rubrics are individualized and supported by direct instruction. rubric good sportsmanship