* Save Twitter- retweet this!

twitter-117595_960_720.pngOh my!  Twitter is in a race for its life, struggling to keep up with Facebook and Snapchat.  Twitter has not yet made a profit, despite 313 million users per month and ten years in operation.  Somehow, they made $602 million this year BUT no profit?   Hmm.  That is very similar to my teaching financial model, so perhaps I should apply for the CEO position if they are getting desperate.

Here are 5 compelling reasons to support Twitter in its time of need:

  1.  My generation has finally mastered the intricacies of tweets.  Forcing us to learn a new system would be cruel and unusual punishment.
  2.  Our entire culture has learned that “tweet” is not just what a bird says.  The ripples of losing that new definition could affect educational outcomes and our ability to create 21st century learners.
  3.  The Twitter business model is mythical and mysterious.  Business and economic majors could study this for decades, perhaps creating a new theory of relativity.
  4.  I am too wrinkled to use Snapchat.  And I can’t sing.
  5.  We have learned to communicate in 140 characters or less.  Long-winded, can’t-shut-up people are probably losing out in the gene pool.  We could end up with an entire world of brevity.

‘Nuff said.