* Happy Birthday, Teachezwell!

birthday-157999_640Happy birthday to my blog!  I started writing one year ago today!  It’s been a wonderful journey, mostly thanks to all the special bloggers in this unique internet ncihe.  My takeaways from the past year:

  • I am SO grateful that bloggers and others read my blog!  I have been MIA at times, like the past few difficult weeks, but my faithful friends continue to read.
  • enjoy reading and commenting on others’ blogs.  I follow a diverse group of folks and truly enjoy their insights, humor, candor, and kindness.  I look forward to catching up on all I’ve missed lately!
  • I thought I would write and read every day, but life happens.  I am always disappointed when I can’t do either.  Maybe I’ll get over that.  Maybe not.
  • I have written on more personal topics than I had anticipated.  I’ve enjoyed that, too!
  • I have learned not to write posts of 1,000 words and more.  I aim for 300, so I (hopefully) don’t exhaust my readers.
  • I have work to do in the organization of this site.  This blogging category, for instance, is jammed with too many topics.

I am thrilled to start my second year!  Thank you so much for reading!