* Color Your World catch-up 2

Color Your World: Jazzberry Jam, Forest Green, Pacific Blue, Yellow, Outrageous Orange, Red Violet

Another cool puzzle to solve!  Can you match the colors to the correct picture?  Big prizes for winners!*



red violet 4

Pacific blue 3

outrageous something

Jenn's socks 2

* Prizes are subject to availability, which is nil.*


* Close but no cigar

“Close but no cigar” seems to have its origins in US fairgrounds from the early 1900s.  Apparently parents were earning cigars as prizes for knocking over a 1000 pound steel-filled bowling pin with a feather, or the like.  The fairground hawkers would cry out, “Close- but no cigar!” to the multitude who wasted their money and effort.  Now it’s kids who get the prizes and it costs much more than a nickel a game.

This Color Your World challenge is supposed to depict red violet, but as they say….

red violet