* Pansy purple

Color your World: Purple Heart

Pansies have long been one of my favorite flowers.  Of course, we can’t have any within deer snacking range, which includes our porch.  But I love their little purple heart-shaped faces and usually take the time to chat when we meet.  They are excellent listeners and once they’re comfortable with you, pansies will tell you amazing secrets.  I’m not going to violate their confidence about that; suffice to say they have a keen eye on the world around them.


purple pizazz pansy

* Don’t touch the purple heart

Add purple heart to the list of  plants you were warned not to touch.  Especially not to eat.  Like a polka dot mushroom or feathery poison sumac, it’s irresistible, right?   I’m just saying, anything that looks like this is gonna make you sick.

purple heart.JPG