* 5 excellent reasons to join AlphaBooks Blogging

badge2AlphaBooks Blogging, where you share your favorite books from A-Z, starts soon!  Here are 5 excellent reasons to join the fun:

1.  It’s so easy!  I will post the calendar (below) on my site or you can copy it now so you’ll stay with the gang.  No, it is not a periodic table, but I do like the effect.  It makes me feel like a scientist.  And I thought Dr. Pi might like it.  Back to the easy part of this: I’m sure you have read many wonderful books as a kid, teen, or adult, so tell the world about them.  You can also share your (gentle) impressions of not-so-wonderful books.  Plus, you have TWO days for every letter of the alphabet.  And for a limited time, I will include a set of steak knives for everyone who joins the fun!  (That’s a joke, folks.)calendar

2.  It might rocket your OWN book to fame!  I will reblog everyone who posts about their own writing if you link (ping?) to my site.  Once I figure out that you have linked to my site.  I’m hoping for a bit of free IT support here.  There must be a way on my stats page.  Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out.

3.  You could find yourself revisiting old reads and exploring new books.  I haven’t finished The Zombie Survival Guide, but I have until the end of June to do that!   Why not try a genre that you typically avoid like the plague?  My husband, for example, could read a book about some aspect of special education.  Who knows where that could take our relationship?

4.  This blogging challenge might help you lose weight.  You could spend so much time reading and typing that you forget to eat!  Or the challenge might lessen the number of hours you spend watching TV or playing games on the computer.  It certainly has helped me in these areas.  Warning: These statements have not been approved by anyone but me.

5.  You could win a prize!  I don’t know how or what, but it could happen!  More on that to come, since I have weeks to figure that one out.