* Three Things Thursday

Three things Thursday.png

Many thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her inspiration to stop and enjoy the week that has flown by!

First, although I never got as far as entering Hugh’s photo challenge “After,” I did take a picture of our family room AFTER I finished my lesson plans.  It still looks about the same, days later.  Or perhaps worse.  I love the creative part of planning but the cleaning up?  Bleh!


Second, a student and I continue to struggle valiantly with the art of bonsai.  The unlucky Lucky Bamboo (on the right) has been transplanted multiple times, barely clinging to life.  The other raggedy bonsai is being overtaken by some kind of succulent.  At least we have pretty blossoms!

bonsai 4

Finally, my dearest widower brought me a package of pralines from New Orleans.  Although I was sad that he immediately left on another trip,  I was kinda thrilled to have those pralines all to myself.   I have no photo because I promptly ate the lot!  Yum!  You cannot eat too many pralines, BTW.