* 6th grade miracle

Color Your World: Pink Flamingo

6th grade balloons 2

See that pink flamingo-colored balloon?  We celebrated the first day of 6th grade for a student who was never expected to live.  He’s the only known survivor of his condition- in the world.  Every day with him is so precious.  Every day is fraught with peril.

I look forward to sharing his story soon.

* Pink flamingo is SO passé

Pink flamingo lawn ornaments were considered so tawdry and tasteless that they inevitably became an artsy, upscale statement.  We have a neighbor who placed 50+ of them in his yard to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

But having run the gamut from crass to creative, pink flamingoes have been replaced by blue dogs and pink penguins.  How long, pink penguin, before  become passé?


From Durham’s Counting House Restaurant and Bar at 21c Museum Hotel