* Day #252 – Why We Do Art

Here’s an important perspective on tests and life as we approach the End-of-Grade test cycle.

366 Days of Autism

Rough day…great night.

Last week Tucker had a math test.  He has existing self-esteem (I can’t do it) issues (reread Day #241 – Flowering Self Esteem).  I struggle with this because I truly believe in the power of positive thinking.  It drives me CRAZY that he talks about failing before he even takes the test.

So…I went double time on him last Thursday/Friday.  I bribed him to repeat, “I will do good on my math test.”  By the time Friday morning came he was saying it on his own.  I sent him 24 positive and encouraging emails in 90 minutes.

He sent me a message after the test, “The test went okay.  I think I did okay.  ps – mom thanks for the encouragement.”

My heart melted…maybe, just maybe, this positive thinking could now be a learned skill.

Today when I picked him up he sat in the back…

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