* Color Your World catch-up 1

Color Your World: Fern, Blue Green, Goldenrod, Melon, Orchid, Royal Purple

Yeah, I am behind on this blogging challenge but now you get to search out those colors in these photos!  A terrific FREE online puzzle.  Win a prize!  Amaze your friends!

multiple colors 4multiple colors 2multiple colors

* Do orchids lie? Yep.

orchid.jpgI know, I know.  These flowers aren’t orchids or even a true orchid color.  Orchids always might die when I touch them, which has started this rumor that I’m the big bad witch of orchids or something.  I have a rep for killing them and all green living things.  I’m not as bad as they say, honestly.  In fact, orchids are not known for their veracity.  To put it bluntly, they lie!  Go to orchidaceaelieaboutme.com for the REAL truth about these lying scumbags flowers.  There.  Now I feel better.