* Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her encouragement to slow down and enjoy the good stuff all around.  Check out the rippled snake on her latest post.  Talk about six packs!

I’ve been working hard and find myself morphing into a dearest psychologist widow!  My dearest teaching widower may have to be renamed.  At least I’ve learned how to use PhotoShop!  That being said, here are three events (with unedited photos) for which I’m grateful.

Me and THW 2.PNG

Fun time celebrating someone’s birthday!  He’s a sweetheart.

We had a terrific time in the mountains of Virginia.  My iPhone managed to capture some of the beauty.


And of course, the deer are still living in our yard.  This guy did not eat the plants.  He headed straight for the bird feeder.  Quite a hunk, huh?



* I’m smiling!

Thanks to a very special blogger, Nerd in the Brain, for her Three Things Thursday fun idea!  (Be sure to check out her GO PLAY challenges, too, for some cool ideas that will bring out the child in you.  The happy child.)

Now, what three things have made me smile today?

One, a student and mom had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day (like Alexander) and so they went for a walk.  Look what they saw!  This great horned owl made their day and mine, knowing that there is life (and happiness) outside school.  owl

Two, I survived a session of basic algebra with a high-schooler I mentor.  Poor guy, he knows what to do but not why.  I don’t know how to do it but I figure out why.  Between the two of us, we have a complete brain!  With a little help from my dearest widower.  And son.


And three, now that I am off antibiotics, my taste for chocolate has returned!  YES!  Dove

Your turn…. What makes you happy today?

* Happy, happy, happy!

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for sharing her Three Things Thursday.  Take a look at her gorgeous paper flower creation.  She’s just so handy!  So nerdy!  So clever and kind.  Such a terrific blogger who has encouraged me SO much!

My own three things of happy for today includes erasing the last shreds of the Windows 10 Borg.  Resistance was futile.  I spent 4 hours yesterday uninstalling bits of iTunes so I could reinstall the program in one piece.  Poor iTunes, transformed into a single, hazy, disappearing .msi file.  That Windows “upgrade” has cost me weeks of effort to repair.  Like the Terminator, to mix analogies, it keeps coming back.  Can you believe that?  Upgrading IS simple but restoring your trashed computer is not.  Hopefully someone has noticed the resistance….Windows 10

My second thing of happy is the cooler, damp weather.  My hair is curling with joy.  Which reminds me, did I ever show you my Afro?  I hunted down this photo to show a student.  As you can see, I’ve had all manner of hair.  This was probably the easiest to maintain.  I’ll show you the hardest another time.  Right now, after the Borg-Terminator attack, I need easy. Afro

My third thing of happy is ToyWiz.com.  They promptly shipped a very special Lego Ninjago birthday present for a very special kid.  I was praying that it would arrive before his birthday party!  It will probably take this Ninjago genius 10 minutes to assemble the Fangpyre truck.  I am learning a lot about Ninjago!


If you want to learn more about nerdy things, Nerd in the brain (NitB) is your woman!

* What’s that on your teeth?

3 things thursday 5.JPGHere’s to Nerd in the Brain, one of the best bloggers around, who’s feeling a bit down.  I am borrowing her Three Things Thursday and hope to add some zest to her week.

1.  I was videotaped today for an educational endeavor.  How special I am!  The sweet folks involved pointed me to a chair in front of the camera.  There was a mirror on that chair, which they said I could use to “check out” how I looked.  Seriously?  I had just done that in the restroom.  I set the mirror on the floor next to me. smiled patiently, and said, “I’m good!”  The lady facing me said, “Uh, you have some lipstick on your teeth.”  I grabbed that mirror and wiped off my smile and a glob of ridiculous lip gloss that had somehow, somewhere fastened itself to my teeth.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t feel as stupid as I looked.

2.  Today’s delightful episode reminded me of a humongous special education meeting at which I was the “guest of honor.”  I was asked to provide my perspective on a contentious student issue.  All the top brass were in attendance.  I had parked in front of the school in a no-parking zone, checked myself in the mirror, and walked into the room.  The only available empty chair was at the head of the table so I was right at home.  I don’t remember much about the meeting, which may be a good thing.  When I got back to my car, I glanced in the mirror and saw a glob of mucus sitting in the tip of my nose.  Somehow, somewhere, that glob had fastened itself to my nose.  Did anyone tell me I had a piece of snot on my nose?  Nope.

3.  I’ve mentioned before how my dearest widower has a bit of a word-finding issue.  He’s very quick witted but sometimes struggles to find the right words to say (which is why it takes him forever to write a book).  We had just arrived in California many years ago, amazed at the gorgeous views along the San Andreas fault.  In fact, my widower suggested that we pull over so he could snap a photo of a particularly verdant landscape.  A highway patrol officer pulled over, too.  What a coincidence!  I was shocked because we were not speeding.  We weren’t moving, for that matter.  The officer pointed to a no parking sign in front of us.  My husband smiled and said, “Officer, we just couldn’t resist this opportunity to get a…ticket.”  I was certain he meant picture.  The officer was equally amazed, so he let us go on our way with a warning.  I still find myself giggling when I think of how sweetly, how innocently my widower made that comment.  When he reads this, he will deny it ever happened.

* One last hug

writin nerdy

Prompted by a favorite blogger, NerdintheBrain, I am using a time machine to change 5 minutes in my teaching past.

Here we go.  Back to Bosede.  He was placed “on an emergency basis” into my self-contained class for kids identified as having behavior/emotional disorders.  Before being assigned to my room, Bosede was a 4-year-old kindergartner with a proclivity for running.  Running out of his classroom, running around the bus circle, running into traffic, running around the cafeteria, and running rings around the adults who tried to corral him.  Bosede ran into my room and into my heart.  After one halfhearted attempt to run away, he settled into the routine of our class with joy.  I kept wondering why he was in my class.  He was like a ray of sunlight, his quick flash of a smile warming all of us.  The other kids “adopted” him as their much younger brother.  Everyone was protective of tiny Bosede, with his remarkable speed in PE and recess.

Not long after he arrived, there was a knock on my classroom door.  The principal walked in, escorting some folks from the Department of Child Protective Services.  They told me they were taking Bosede.  Inside, I heard this quiet voice urge me to give him a hug.  “That’s silly,” I thought.  “I’ll hug him later.  It would look stupid to hug him.”  And so Bosede walked out that door, never to return, without a hug from me.  But with my time machine turned on, I would hug him and say, “I love you, Bosede.  You are a wonderfully made, speedy, and special kid.”

Then I would return to the present, knowing I had done what I needed to do.

* Three Things Thursday

three-things-thursday-spreading-happiness1Thanks to Nerdinthebrain, one of my favorite bloggers, for inspiring others to express gratitude.  Research suggests that grateful folks are happier and healthier.  What’s not to love about that?

Here are my three things before Thursday is a memory:

1.  I am grateful for my new Asus Transformer tablet.  It’s amazing and looks a lot better in real life than in this photo.  My family was SO generous to me at Christmas and my kiddos love using it.

Asus tablet

2.  I am grateful to some wonderful friends for giving my husband and me this inspiring book.  It’s going to take me a while to absorb all of it.  I love books that are rich in content like this.


3.  I am grateful that our pipes did not freeze last night!  I would be even more grateful if it snowed tonight!  I love this time of year.  My daily obsession with SNOW is in full swing!  weather

Be sure to check out Nerd In The Brain and thank her!  And what are YOU grateful for?