* Three Things Thursday- this weekend

Thanks, Nerd in the Brain (NitB), for your reminder to slow down and smell the fluffbutts.  Wait, that’s not what you said, although your photo of the tipsy fluffbutt IS hilarious.  NitB volunteers at a cat shelter and those little critters are soooo cute.

Here are my Three Things Thursday for this weekend, a time to appreciate the goodness in my life.

First, my foot situation has improved considerably with this no-pain boot.  What do you think, Steph?  Could you make this into a fashion statement?  When she was fastening me in, a nurse commented that there was really no way to put it on backwards, but I’ve managed to do just that a couple of times.  I have been called a Motor Moron.


Second, we enjoyed a movie night with our home group on Friday.  One sweet member cooked an entire St. Patrick’s Day meal AND another friend sent me this photo of her adorable lass.  I am in love with this dog!  Look at those eyes!

St patricks day dog


Third, a dear family sent me a video of something that touched my heart.  I can’t share it, but the love they have for their son, the joy they share with that kiddo, their brilliant minds and their sense of humor- no way can I adequately express what they add to my life!  I will share a photo of a classroom “pet” I am boarding for a while.  I tried to feed it an ant, but I think “Vance” is too young for solids.  I took a 10 minute video of an ant exploring Vance’s pink caves and then wandering off to find some crumbs.  If you ever have difficulty sleeping, just ask to borrow that video.

Venus fly trap.JPG

* Three Things Thursday: May 12, 2016 (With Announcements and Things) — Nerd in the Brain

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*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy* A sharing note: Be sure to add your Three Things Thursday post to the linkup!😀 And another note: This may be the last Three Things Thursday post at this […]

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* Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd In The Brain, an excellent blogger and teacher, for her inspiration to post three things from the past week for which I am grateful.


1.  I am grateful for my students.  They work SO hard and despite bumps in the road, are delightful, resilient, and funny.  A sampling of conversational topics this past week: hippo poop, mouse poop, dog poop, signs of aging (hmm…), autism, college football championship, and skiing.

2.  I am grateful for the parents of my students.  They are gracious, kind, generous, and supportive.  A sampling of conversational topics this past week:  back injury, allergies, skiing, the flu, icy weather, and poop.

3.  I am grateful for my husband.  He is endlessly supportive, hauls my materials everywhere, and makes me cups of tea at every opportunity.  A sampling of conversational topics this week: Friday Night Lights, what’s for dinner, it’s getting late, and “Don’t talk about poop!”

I’d love to hear your list!