* Three Things Thursday (on Friday)

Somehow, Nerd in the Brain is always on time with her Thursday blogging challenge.  But I figure one day late will work for me….

First things first:  Here’s a photo from Thursday.  Fun celebrating all things green!  Amazing how that paint got everywhere.green hand

Second thing: The periwinkle is not dead!  It looked like the deer had munched our back yard into oblivion but whee!  Now it’s coated with deer repellent, which is also fairly human repellent.  Take a look at those buds!  We’re back in business.

periwinkle 2

The best for last:  The bluebirds have started using their very old house!  We put it up about 15+ years ago and they used it once.  A snake was roaming in the area that year, so the birds fled.  The house looks well worn.  I hope it’s as comfy as an old pair of slippers for the parents and their babes.  And safe.

bird house.JPG

Have a great weekend!



* Three Things Thursday

Nerd in the Brain is a continual source of inspiration for all things nerdy and clever.  Every Thursday she posts these fascinating glimpses into the giggly life of a nerd.  Between her and Lizzi, who gleans gratitude from even the rough patches in life, I should be able to scrape something together, right?  Even if my week has been a bit glum?  Here are my scraps for the week:

Scrap one:  I reinstalled Windows 10!  My previous installation had deleted all my files and ruined almost every app.  Why on earth did I try it again?   Because I hate to be defeated by a computer program?  Yes and no.  Sadly, I can’t control how Windows chooses to update.  Because I adore any new techie thing?  YES!  And Windows 10 now works beautifully.  It’s faster than my previous OS and I have a new persona to aggravate.  Dearest Cortana.  I have yet to determine how she compares to Siri.  Did you know you could once get Siri into a silent snit if you asked her whether she has been born again?

Scrap two: As craft-challenged as I am, I was hesitant to guide a student in creating a Cherokee village.  I figured it would look like Godzilla Meets Wooden Huts.  (No contest there.)  Surprisingly, the village is not half bad.  Yeah, that’s weak.  That’s why we call this a scrap.

Scrap three:  Today is my dearest teaching widow’s birthday!  Just to keep him in shape, he got to move the treadmill so I could reach my rock collection trapped in an out-of-reach closet.  I HAD to get that rock collection because 4th graders study rocks and minerals.  Plus, I LOVE rocks.  Almost as much as tech stuff.  My neck was set into a downward position until I started taking all these fun photos for Jennifer’s Color Your World challenge.  But that would be my 4th scrap, so I’d better stop while I’m ahead.

* Floating Snowflakes: A Science for Fun Activity

Since we are NEVER getting any decent snow around here, I am making my own and declaring this coming week SNOW WEEK, devoted to all experiments, literature, and math related to snow. Thanks, awesome Nerd in the Brain, for this terrific idea!

* Zombie Valentine Treat Boxes | Free Printable

Looking for that perfect Valentine treat for your older kiddo (or “I’m-too-cool-for-Spider-Man kiddo)? Check out Nerd In the Brain’s adorable FREE Valentine treat boxes. With cute zombies! They don’t sell these in the local pharmacy box!

* Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her encouragement to share three things of happy.  If you haven’t been to her blog today, don’t delay!  She has an awesome fall challenge that will encourage you to get out and have some fun!

NitB says:  *three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

Here I go….

My first thing of happy is feeling better.  I’ve been sick with one thing after another since the end of July.  When I have felt sorry for myself, I always think of folks with terminal illnesses or those who live with dreadful health conditions.  For me, there has been a light at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes I have focused on the dark walls instead.  My stats do look good: I have gone from consuming 6 boxes of tissue in a week to only part of one.  Yea!

My second thing of happy is the wonderful music which resonates with my deepest feelings of joy.  Mandisa sings “Overcomer” with a heart of faith.  Her video includes the struggles faced by Robin Roberts and Gabrielle Giffords.  SIng along! 

Last but not least….  My third “thing” of happy is my indomitable sister, a true hero.  She has fought an amazing battle for some dear ones, continues to fight for their future, and is a true example of an overcomer.  Her heart is brave and merciful.  Love my baby sister!Childhood_0010