* Three things this weekend

I LOVE Nerd in the Brain’s Three Things Thursday challenge. It’s quite simple (think of three happy things from your day!) and it doesn’t have to be posted smack on Thursday.  So here is my weekend version of the Nerd’s terrific idea for spreading cheer in the blogosphere!

Yesterday, we celebrated another birthday with the kiddos.  Thanks to a Korean friend, I was able to create a sort of “K-Pop” influenced cake and I also sang happy birthday in Korean.  The kiddos were generous and agreed to hum along, but no one was willing to sound like an absolute fool except me.  The arrow marks the spot where I have kept names confidential to protect the innocent!!


Today we went to a dedication of an AMAZING work of art created by Larry Heyda for a church in Greensboro, NC.  He reproduced (painting on canvas) a 9 foot wide painting by Rogier van der Weyden called “Descent from the cross.”  The original is in Madrid.  Honestly, I could not tell this wasn’t the original.  Larry is incredibly gifted.  My iPhone doesn’t capture his talent, sorry to say.

And finally, we had a teency weency bit of snow today, after weeks of spring-like weather.   OOH, I love the snow.  Maybe Punxsutawney Phil isn’t such a bad prognosticator after all!

snow on tree.JPG

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….”




* Three Things Thursday

I love Nerd in the Brain‘s weekly blogging challenge to add thankfulness to my blog.  This week has been a challenge but there’ve been some great points, too.

Number One:  Fire in the Hole!  I did not set fire to a student, myself, or the classroom when we did experiments on the element carbon.  Yes, it was close, but no cigar!


Number Two:  How old are you …?  Birthday cakes are just an excuse to play with matches, especially when the kiddo has double digit candles.  Whee!


Number Three:  Tooth Fairy Time.  At my age, I don’t want to be losing teeth, but how adorable when it’s your baby teeth!  This sweetie is losing the other top front tooth now, so I wonder how she will eat and speak!  Somehow we all survived this.  And some of us got rich in the process.


* Three Things from NitB

NitB??  That’s Nerd in the Brain, who challenges us to celebrate the good stuff on Thursday and everyday!  Her Three Things Thursday post has beaver toothprints and other found treasures.  Be sure to take a peek!

While I’ve been recovering from medical adventures, the deer have continued to ransack everything except this bush.  And look what I saw!

As I admired these butterflies, a hummingbird came to eat, apparently unconcerned about my presence.  Wow!   My phone camera is too slow, but if you look in the center below, you’ll see a green blur of a gorgeous bird.


Thankfully, I looked down and spotted some lowly slugs, seemingly unprotected.  It’s good that deer are herbivores- and that I was watching where I stepped!


What a beautiful creation we enjoy!


* Three Things Thursday

Many thanks to Nerd in the Brain for this inspiration to think of three things for which I’m thankful.  She has had a very coooool week so I am thinking BIG.

Mystery of the day: Who left their prints on our trashcan?

A thunderstorm was ready to unleash a torrent of rain so I had just a few seconds to snap these shots before they were washed off.  At first I thought they were from a raccoon, but they do look very catlike.  I’m guessing a puma, at least.  How very cool to have wild wildlife up close and personal.

Food for thought: Is it possible to buy too much chocolate?

Dove 2.JPG

Never!  What if we have an unexpected snowstorm and can’t get to the grocery store?  What if we are attacked by pumas?

Fascinating question:  Do UFOs really exist?  I was privileged to “spot” this unusual blob hovering in my terrific cumulonimbus photo.  I wasn’t even abducted, for which I’m VERY grateful.  Oh wait, perhaps that’s the spot where a dump truck whacked the windshield with two large stones.  The spot is growing, so I may have an opportunity to explore our insurance options.  And my dearest teaching widower doesn’t know I took a photo while driving!  He probably won’t read this post because he’s watching a movie!  And I could say that a puma caused me to swerve!  It just keeps getting better and better!


I hope your Thursday has been as good to you as mine has!  And no, you can never use too many exclamation points!



* Three Things Thursday

Three things Thursday.png

Many thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her inspiration to stop and enjoy the week that has flown by!

First, although I never got as far as entering Hugh’s photo challenge “After,” I did take a picture of our family room AFTER I finished my lesson plans.  It still looks about the same, days later.  Or perhaps worse.  I love the creative part of planning but the cleaning up?  Bleh!


Second, a student and I continue to struggle valiantly with the art of bonsai.  The unlucky Lucky Bamboo (on the right) has been transplanted multiple times, barely clinging to life.  The other raggedy bonsai is being overtaken by some kind of succulent.  At least we have pretty blossoms!

bonsai 4

Finally, my dearest widower brought me a package of pralines from New Orleans.  Although I was sad that he immediately left on another trip,  I was kinda thrilled to have those pralines all to myself.   I have no photo because I promptly ate the lot!  Yum!  You cannot eat too many pralines, BTW.

* Caught it!

Nerd in the Brain’s “fishing for ice” experiment was a super cool event during Science Fair Camp!  Seriously, this thin string actually picked up a clump of ice cubes!  And no cheating by touching the ice with our fingers!  We got to explore molecules, solutions, solvents, and more as we played around with CHEAP water and ice.  Thanks, NitB!


* Three Things Thursday

Nerd in the Brain is my inspiration for this post.  Thursday’s a good time to be thankful (and NitB seems thankful every day).  Before I share, be sure to check out her COOOOOL experiment with ice.  Can you pick up an ice cube with a string?  Without putting any of your body parts in the ice?  Or any sib body parts in there, either.  I’m using this experiment in my science fair camp for sure.

First Thing of Thankful:

My day this week with the kiddos was wonderful!  The weather at the park was mild  with no bees or mosquitoes.  That’s miraculous.  Only two meltdowns all day and they were brief.  Whew!  We did it all and had a ball.  I learned that I can no longer swing on the monkey bars but my jacks skills are intact.  I taught the kiddos to recognize poison ivy and poison oak (yes, there was a lot of it at the park but no one got zapped!).  We had a terrific brinner (breakfast food for dinner) at a local restaurant and watched the Angry Birds movie (overrated).  Fun, fun, fun.

Second Thing of Thankful:

Science fair camp is off to a great start.  We haven’t blown up anyone or anything!  Can’t beat that!

Third Thing of Thankful:

It’s wonderful to be alive!  Sometimes I forget that I lived half my life in agony and torment.  I forget that my first suicide attempt was at age 4.  I forget that a dear therapist (now deceased) helped me make it through my 30th birthday, which was my personal End It All date.  But I will never forget that it got even worse until I met my Savior at age 38.  And that my dearest widower and I spent 5 years in hell from 2000-2005 as that Savior finally redeemed every memory (which I fought tooth and nail).  I could never have imagined this wonderful life!

* Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her celebration of GRATITUDE!  See that spiffy new badge on the lower right?  You can get one, too!  Just visit her site and grab it!

I am thankful for finishing two April blogging challenges this past weekend.  Better late than never.  I didn’t count how many posts I needed for the Color Your World and A to Z Blogging Challenges.  I just kept writing until I was done.  Yea!  Twenty-nine posts later, I relaxed and grinned.  My son told me that my Tweets were a bit tooooo much!  Oh well.

survivor-atoz 2016.jpg

I am thankful that my dearest widower comes back home today.  I always miss him SO MUCH when he’s out of town.  He’s an adorable, sexy guy with the best sense of humor EVER.  We talk a couple of times a day while he’s gone, but it’s not the same as “real life.”  He does important work to improve the lives of abused children and to support the professionals who help those kids.


Finally, I am thankful for awesome music.  Here’s a current favorite of mine.  Jeremy Camp singing, “He Knows.”


* Spring break!

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her Three Things Thursday inspiration!  I had a terrific time with 5 kids and a fart gun.   We met a few friendly dogs, terrified a couple of joggers, and acted as silly as possible.


No ducks to feed but we followed the NO SWIMMING rules.

spring break 1

We searched diligently for pyrite and found only one piece.  BUT, we also found slime in the lake, cool sticks, and lots of running room.  Perfect outdoor time for kiddos who can get sucked into electronics for endless hours.  And for me, too!

spring break 4.JPG



* Musical Three Things Thursday

Thanks to Nerd in the Brain for her challenge to stop and smell the nerdy good things of the week.  I’m feeling musical, despite my inability to carry a tune, so please sing along and no one will notice I’m off-key.

#1:  “The Green, Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones seems apt as the deer-bitten grasses make a comeback at the front of our house.  They stink from deer repellent, but still.

The old home town looks the same as I step down from the train,
and there to meet me is my Mama and Papa.
Down the road I look and there runs Mary, hair of gold and lips like cherries.
It’s good to touch the green, green grass of home.

#2:  “If I Only Had a Brain” from the Wizard of Oz fits in nicely with my visit to the neurologist yesterday.  I have a brain!  And I didn’t have to count back from 100 by 7’s in order to prove it.

I could while away the hours
Conferrin’ with the flowers
Consultin’ with the rain

And my head, I’d be scratchin’
While my thoughts were busy hatchin’
If I only had a brain.

#3:  “You’re the One That I Want” by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta is what I’m lip-syncing to my unhealthy dearest widower.  I don’t want to lose him so I need him to SHAPE UP and keep track of calories on the FitBit I bought him.  Seriously.

You better shape up, ’cause I need a man
And my heart is set on you
You better shape up, you better understand
To my heart I must be true
Nothing left, nothing left for me to do

You’re the one that I want
You are the one I want
Oo, Oo, Oo honey

You’re the one that I want!