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You gotta love this guy!

A year ago today, hundreds of people tragically lost their eyesight as a result seeing me in a red thong for my role in “The Nedinator,” a 6-minute movie spoof that premiered in our local theater the same night as “The Terminator: Genysis.” The movie was heralded by critics as “Ned’s best 6-minute performance.” And my wife agrees. For anyone who started […]

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* Writing is like weightlifting: If you’re not careful, you’ll pull something — Ned’s Blog

I’m sure you will enjoy Ned Hickson’s humor!  In his own words, he’s a gas!

It struck me this morning at the gym while diligently pumping iron from a seated position at the smoothie bar. There are a number of similarities between reaching your fitness goals and writing goals. In both cases, you will likely fail if you attempt too much too fast. Especially if you’re trying to show off and accidentally flatulate […]

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* You owe it to the world to pursue your weirdness


Ned Hickson has done it again! This will make you laugh out loud!


I made this photo PG ….

As an Oregonian who spent several years living in Portlandia, I feel the city’s unofficial mantra “Keep Portland Weird” is a noble pursuit. The world needs weird. Not the Donald Trump kind of weird, which is like a Stephen-King-horror-novel-with-a-terrifying-evil-clown-kind-of-weird. No, I’m talking about a less volatile, better coiffed and more enjoyable kind of weirdness that […]


* Don’t worry, ball yankers are just a part of bowling

Just when you thought you’d heard it all, Ned explains the intricacies and uh, values of bowling. Make sure you read this before signing up your kiddos.

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imageAfter seven years weeks of attending our oldest son’s high school bowling tournaments, I’m passing along a few tips to parents who may find themselves in a similar situation. And by ‘”situation” I mean contemplating suffocating themselves with an empty bowling bag after listening to 24 lanes of crashing pins for five hours. Especially if, for personal reasons, you aren’t comfortable spending those hours drinking in front your child’s high school teammates.

First, invest in a tall folding chair. The taller the better. In fact, consider purchasing a portable lifeguard stand if possible. That’s because getting a prime seat to watch your child bowl depends on how willing you are to take the life of a complete stranger. Getting a good location is similar to the Oklahoma Land Rush. Once the doors open, parents stampede (some on actual horseback) to the most valuable territory: the mid-point between 1) the center of…

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