* Color your world denim

I have this tune running through my head: “Dem deer, dem deer, dem demin deer.”  Don’t know it?  Think of “dem dry bones.”

denim deer 4.jpg

Mama, when do I get denim?  When you can carry a tune, dear.  

Thanks, Jennifer Nichole Wells, for your Color Your World challenge, which has officially joined The Twilight Zone.


* Let them eat dandelions

(I’m talking to the deer now, which is only a little crazy.)

What’s wrong with dandelions?  They are delicious and beautiful and full of vitamins.  An abundant, free, renewable source of energy.  Don’t you care about the environment?   Dandelions are not only gluten free, they are TOTALLY organic.  Don’t you care about lawn runoff, loading our streams with chemicals?  Eat the dandelions and no one sprays toxins.  Trust me.  Plus, those striped grasses you are ripping out of my yard are no better than a sack of french fries.


Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Color Your World dandelion challenge benefits the environment.