* The bleeding edge

Lizzi is blogging Ten Things of Thankful in her current state of despair, still pushing on because she wants to make a difference, she wants to do all things well.  As always, I appreciate her willingness to share her struggles openly.  Lizzi hopes to change conditions for Jenny, one of many homeless in her area, so if you want to donate, click on that link to Lizzi’s current post.  All these journeys of all the people in the world, intimately known to the One who created us.  The One who saves us.  What comfort in suffering.

My own Ten Things of Thankful could only be written by an affluent woman who doesn’t trek hours each day, with gallons of dirty water on her head.  I am not trapped in the sex slave trade, I am not trapped in a body that can’t move of its own volition, I am not in an abusive relationship, and I am not starving in a refugee camp or in one of countless homes across this country where there’s not enough food.

With those disclaimers in mind, how could I possibly find even more for which I’m grateful?  More to the point, how could I possibly complain?  Complaints have come easily this past week.  Let me begin by saying that it’s all Microsoft’s fault.  It’s oh-so-true that if you upgrade to Windows 10, you’ll be on the “bleeding edge” of technology.  Literally.  When I first upgraded a week ago, I was thrilled with the renewed speed of Black Beauty (my champion computer).  There were new games on which I could fritter away time, and it looks quite lovely.  Then, unbeknownst to me, at 7:04 AM and 7:05 AM on August 27, Windows 10 (W10) upgraded itself.  Have you ever seen 2001: A Space Odyssey?  Remember Hal?  Well, W10 doesn’t bother to explain what she is doing.  Cortana, the evil twin of Siri, assures you that your documents can be found.  Just click on the link she gives you.  And all your photos?  EVERY BIT OF WORK YOU HAVE DONE IN THE LAST 20 YEARS?  Poof!  Gone!

passwordAnd then Microsoft has the nerve to tell me that I must prove who I am.  Only I don’t have my password document anymore and I can’t remember that password.  I am locked out of my home while it is being burgled!   Death to W10!

OK, so I have Memeo PREMIUM backup running and asked it to restore my files.  All 80,000 of them.  It spent 24 hours spinning its wheels.  Eventually I restored Windows 8.1, after multiple warnings that I might lose a few apps.  By then, I was losing my hair anyway, so what were a few apps?  Um, like no accessible internet browser?  No files?  And bits and pieces of both Windows, fighting to the death (of me!).  Even as we speak, I am downloading Google Chrome for the third time.  The first two times, Chrome did not know who I was!  Chrome and I were best buddies!  Do you know how many bookmarks and passwords I have saved on Chrome?  But I do have all my files and it looks like Chrome’s memory has returned.  Still, I am shocked to discover that these programs don’t love me.  They don’t even serve me.  After all we’ve done together!!  Bottom line: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PC UNATTENDED.  Or buy a Mac.