* Thinking of You

What a precious heart Michelle has! How encouraging- and what great advice!

Principle Michelle

Good morning, friends! Welcome to the work week and another day that the Lord has made. Today I woke up thinking about all of you and what I would share. Typically, I schedule posts in advance, but last night I had a few people on my mind and in my heart, so I did what I vowed I would always do when that happens — pray. I promised myself that I would pray for anyone who crossed my mind in that moment. Most people probably call or text whenever they think of someone they love, but I stop to pray. One day I hope to do both; but for now, I’ll simply pray.

Lord God, thank you for all of the special people that you’ve placed in my life. I ask that you bless them, comfort them, and heal them of all their hurts. For my BFF, my sisters in…

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* Sunrise Sermon: Tunnel Vision

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Michelle Malone has written another winner! What’s one thing YOU will do differently today for yourself? I was going to say, “Eat chocolate,” but that’s not different. Perhaps I will go to bed before midnight!

Principle Michelle

Are you one of those folks who walks through life looking straight ahead — not looking to your left or to your right — just straight ahead? Perhaps most days you’re looking down at your phone — hurrying to get to work, a meeting, your second job, or your kids’ after school activities. Here’s a question for you (and I hope you pause long enough to read it). Do you ever slow down or simply stop to look at your surroundings and see what you’ve been missing?

Many of us run through life as if we’re on borrowed time, and actually we are. We’re always borrowing time from something to do something else. Do you ever cut into your family time by staying at work a little longer? If so, you’re borrowing time from your family. Will you ever pay them back? Maybe you have to finish typing an important…

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* Reflect & Grow

Jumpstart your week with Michelle Malone’s Monday encouragement. I am going to follow her lead: reflect on my experiences and NO complaining. Wise woman, Michelle!

Principle Michelle

Good Monday morning, friends! What a beautiful day the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad today and every day. Yesterday I participated in a Twitter Chat for educators — something I hadn’t done in quite some time. I truly enjoy these opportunities to chat with educators from all over the globe about those issues we all have in common no matter where we reside. It was a 30-minute chat with five questions about the importance of being a reflective leader.

I could hardly wait for the chat to start because this topic interests me. Of course, I had plenty to share, but I really wanted to hear what other school leaders (in particular) had to say. The common thread throughout our time together was growth. You really can’t grow as a teacher, leader, or just an average Joe without reflecting on your practices. That really resonated with me.

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* Following Michelle’s advice

In her recent post “Everything is About to Change,” Michelle Malone challenges me to “seek, identify, and track the signs of change in your life rather than ignoring them. Whether you’re about to experience a fallow season or a bumper crop, seek, identify, and track the signs of change. Then move through this season — praising God for the opportunity to live, to bend, to change, and to grow.”

With Tikeetha Thomas’ style in mind (she’s a very organized, thoughtful lady who also responded to Michelle’s prompt), here I go:

  1.  I am gradually moving away from the gut-wrenching fear of losing my dearest teaching widower.  He has heart disease, horrible heart disease from nasty genes.  He was given a short life expectancy after his first heart attack and 5-bypass surgery.  By God’s grace, we are still together.  After the second heart attack, I tried to live as though each day was our last together on this earth, but I was worn out and nasty by 3 days.  There’s no being perfect.  I’ve stuffed my fear and cried my fear and talked my fear and prayed my fear.  Recently, I have seen more clearly that my precious husband has become an idol.  Not a gold figurine that I bow down to, but someone who took the place of God.  My husband cannot save me, love me unconditionally, and keep us I together forever, but God can and will.  For the longest time, my heart simply couldn’t trust God with that truth.
  2.  I am a self-absorbed person.  I don’t want to be.  I recognize the swill that flows from living near the center of my universe.  I bump into my self-centeredness every day and attempt to thrust myself out of this useless orbit.  With God’s grace, I am changing ever so slightly.  You know the trajectory of a rocketship that starts off with a minor degree of error and ends up far from its destiny?  That’s good news.  Jesus is propelling me away from that Katharine-centered universe and into other-centered worlds.

Some of you may have seen the J-word and already gone to another blog.  I would have done the same for half of my life.  I was a scoffer and mocker extraordinaire, until I came to the end of everything and found a new beginning.


My dearest widower prefers anonymity.  His universe does not revolve around himself, for sure.


* Everything Is About to Change

Michelle Malone has an amazing blog which I found through A Thomas Point of View. Both bloggers are compassionate, analytical, and terrific writers. Check out this gem!

Principle Michelle

Good Monday morning, friends!  I sure hope you’re ready for what this week has to offer. I truly believe that something great is about to happen to you that will change your attitude. Many people complain about Mondays because it’s the start of the work week for those of us who are still in the game. For those who are unemployed or unable to work, they might welcome Monday mornings and revel in the frenzied ritual of getting ready for work.

Our lives aren’t perfect, but they’re uniquely ours and are meant to fit us like a great pair of running shoes or your favorite jeans. But even with the comfort associated with those shoes or those jeans, discomfort has a tendency to show up when you least expect it.  You know it’s coming — just like you know you’ll have to get fitted for a new pair of shoes…

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