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Math Is Fun (mathisfun.com) is an amazing, free online resource for parents, teachers, and students alike.  In the years since I first discovered it, this site has grown phenomenally.  It is continuing to grow with the contributions of folks who like to teach math (all contributors are named).  Math Is Fun is designed for users from kindergarten through high school.  Math content includes numbers, algebra, geometry, measurement, and data.  Each topic is clearly described, with well-designed visuals (without clutter), and many topics have interactive features to aid learning.  At the conclusion of each topic, there are questions to test your knowledge.

To give you an idea of the scope of manipulatives on this site, here’s a glance at the index:

Math is fun manipulatives 4

The site is designed for both US and UK users; it includes the variations of terminology between our countries (such as trapezoid vs trapezium).  For parents who want to provide support for kids with homework, this site is a plus.  If there are math skills you’ve forgotten, check out the clear descriptions and practice exercises.  For students who struggle to process information in a large group setting, Math Is Fun enables them to review a topic with excellent visuals.  Here’s an example of the first lesson on decimals:


Math Is Fun also provides math games and puzzles in a section called Mathopolis.  Mathopolis

The games are not elaborate but provide effective practice of skills with immediate feedback and explanations.  By registering, you may keep track of your scores.  Registered users may also post comments and questions in the math forum which is not a chat room; all comments are moderated before being displayed.

As you can tell, I am a big fan of this site!  Have you tried Math Is Fun?  Please share your experiences with it.