* There’s Never Been a Better Time to Try!

Here’s a great deal from Glogster. Definitely worth doing, especially with the free PD. If you don’t feel confident in using technology with your class, Glogster is a terrific way to start. It’s easy, has SO many applications, and works across all grade levels. Go for it! Put it on your Christmas list!

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In the final run-up to the Holidays, the To-Do list seems endless: create holiday-themed activities for learners, plan for a class party, buy gifts for loved ones, stockpile festive food and drinks, make sure the house is looking spotless for the influx of family, and that’s just the beginning! Since when does a time marked by so much merriness have to be so hard? Well, thanks to Glogster’s Value Week, you can rest assured that one thing at least is easy: making your mind up about your premium Glogster license!

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