* Jerry Johns Basic Reading Inventory

Jerry JohnsJerry Johns’ Basic Reading Inventory is an individually administered reading inventory.  I first started using this inventory years ago and have been very pleased with its accuracy and support in both identifying approximate reading levels by grade and determining a wide range of student strengths and weaknesses.  This eleventh edition is a winner; Johns keeps improving with age!

Winning features from this edition:

  • A CD with videos of partial administration of the inventory, all the performance booklets and student summary forms, all the reading booklets, and answer sheets for student practice exercise, and an extensive bibliography on research related to informal reading inventories
  • One comprehensive volume (pictured above) that includes guides to using this manual, every reading inventory, an impresive selection of early literacy assessments, and summary sheets of student performance
  • An increased number of passages at each grade level (through 12th grade) so that this inventory can be easily administered twice a year
  • A second accompanying volume (to be read by students) with graded word lists, passages, and early literacy assessments
  • Helpful “Expert Noticing Observation Guide”

An informal reading inventory is a useful supplement to individual standardized testing of special needs kids, which is administered by a school psychologist and typically occurs once every three years.  Systematic observation of student reading is a key asset of this inventory.  I highly recommend Johns’ informal reading inventory.