* Color Your World catch-up 2

Color Your World: Jazzberry Jam, Forest Green, Pacific Blue, Yellow, Outrageous Orange, Red Violet

Another cool puzzle to solve!  Can you match the colors to the correct picture?  Big prizes for winners!*



red violet 4

Pacific blue 3

outrageous something

Jenn's socks 2

* Prizes are subject to availability, which is nil.*


* Color your head jazzberry jam…

If you dare!

2016.1.14 780

My daughter-in-law was up for the challenge at the California Academy of Sciences.  All of pulled these domes over our heads, something like oversized hair dryers.  We were to analyze how the colors impacted our mood.  My mood was affected by thinking of all the germs I shared with half the city of San Francisco. Jazzberry jam lived up to its name, Jennifer; I felt jazzed and ready to bolt!