* Memorial Day

Thanks, Cee, for your Share Your World challenge, with a focus on Memorial Day

My strongest association with today’s holiday is James Bernard Williams, Jr. who was killed on May 29, 1969, only 3 months into his tour of duty in Vietnam.  James was a sweet young man, a football player at a local high school.  We shared a study hall and often chatted surreptitiously instead of working.  My last memory of him, apart from his funeral, was our dancing together at a high school senior prom.  We were already roundly ostracized because of our interracial friendship, but slow dancing?  James was a bit nervous; many of the students immediately boycotted the floor.  James whispered that this was just not done in Albany, Georgia.  I’d already had many slashed tires, a bomb through my car window, and other threats.  I laughed.  I thought we were invincible.  Vietnam showed me otherwise.


From the Virtual Wall memorial