* Three Things Thursday on Saturday

Ms. Emily at her Home for Fully Grown Nerds is splinging (new word!) with gratitude, from tornadoes and dinosaurs to hot cocoa.  Can’t beat that!  Scoot over there to join the celebration of the good things in life!

Here are my top Three Things Thursday:

I got the entire yard fully blown free of leaves last week.  That was so satisfying that more leaves have joined the effort to keep me pleased.   Hmmm…..

front yard leaves.JPG

My kidney ultrasound looked good to me!  The really great news is that I am not pregnant, so don’t tell me those look just like my dearest teaching widower’s blue eyes.  (For one thing, he only has two.)  The blue specks are the not-so-good news.  I think.


And last but not least, my dearest widower saw a UFO!  He is working in the sun room and called me to catch a glimpse of his amazing encounter.    I did figure out that the white lights are a reflection of the fan lights in the family room.  But those green ones?  Total alien.  I might contact the National Enquirer on this one.


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