* Ten Things of Thankful

Thanks, as always, to Lizzi for her Ten Things of Thankful initiative.  She wrote a thoughtful post on her interactions with a number of homeless folks.  That’s a brave topic to broach since homelessness is pandemic and complicated.  It’s one of those painful conditions that leaves me feeling overwhelmed and backing away.  Lizzi is a brave soul.

zombie-147945_640My dearest blogging widower has survived another week of providing training on child forensic interviewing, but more importantly, I finally understand why he’s always the last passenger off the plane.  This past time, the pilot was the first, running like a mad man to the exit.  That made me a bit worried.  I’ve seen World War Z and know how quickly zombies can take over a plane.  I stood still as large clusters of zombie-like folks trailed down the narrow corridor toward unsuspecting innocents.  I know zombies are attracted to sound, so I figured I was safe since all the folks behind me were hooting and cheering.  I couldn’t bring myself to watch their actual contact.  Gross!  I heard a lot of shrieks so I  s-l-o-w-l-y edged behind a sign warning people not to enter the corridor.  Not a chance!  Everything Everyone must have been sated as the remaining zombies trickled off the plane.  Where was my dearest widower?  Finally he appeared, dragging but not twitching.  Whew!  I guess he hides out in the bathroom until the feeding frenzy has passed.  He gave me a big smile.  I kept looking for signs of drooling, missing limbs, etc., but finally let him kiss me.  So here’s my thankful list:

  1. How thankful I am for having watched World War Z!  It’s given me valuable tips on survival.
  2. I’m thankful the pilot dashed off first, like a warning flare.  And of course…
  3. Thank goodness for the terrorist/ zombie-proof cockpit doors!
  4. Although I’ve always hated the Do Not Enter sign, wondering why I can’t simply run to my widower, I now appreciate its strategic placement.
  5. I’m thankful, in a totally selfish way, that other folks hang up banners and cheer hysterically at the sight of their former family members.
  6. I’m thankful that I’ve caught pneumonia, strep throat, influenza, and pink eye from my students because that melange of illnesses must render me a bit invisible.
  7. I’m thankful that my widower walks slowly enough for me to carefully examine his extremities.  Typically, I’m impatient when we walk together because I have the longer legs.
  8. I’m sort of learning patience when I walk with my dearest widower.
  9. It’s wonderful that my widower’s department saves money and books him in the last seat on the last row of every flight that arrives at midnight.  They have no idea how wonderful.
  10. Finally, what a terrific crew of custodians at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport!  By the time my widower and I have exchanged a tentative kiss, the blood and gore has been wiped away and the floors are shining.  Until the next time.