* Weathered

I’m following Cee around the blogosphere (but not stalking!), amazed at her photographs and appreciative of her encouragement and patience.  You should see her terrific photos for this week’s WordPress Daily Post challenge: weathered.  Am I the only one who thinks her weathered chain looks edible?  And that old Caterpillar tractor?  Wow.

Sadly, the most weathered things around here are my hands.  I have always had old hands.  In all those recess games where we held hands, the kids on either side of me would stare and even cringe as I reached out.  Some kids would mutter unpleasant comments.  My hands have always been thin and bony, with nearly see-through skin and lots of veins.  The vein situation has worsened considerably over time  My nephews and nieces felt compelled to press on the bulging veins, even after I said they were worms.  (No one believed that for a second.)  I join them in being mesmerized by the witch-like appearance of my weathered appendages.


No, I was not hanging upside down or pressing the blood into my hands.  This is the way they are.  Period.