* Blast from the past (1)

Halloween wasn’t THAT long ago, but since we’ve had such an election? Oy! It’s hard to remember anything from October. The kiddos had fun trick-or-treating in relative isolation, selecting goodies from tables, bins, and cute clotheslines. Neighbors applauded from a safe distance.

* Re-treats!

What a  terrific weekend!  I spent it at a retreat with an amazing group of women from Grace Church, all empowered by the Holy Spirit!  No photos of us because of confidentiality, but the rationale of our Victory Weekend motivation is to raise up healthy leaders, even as our church is under construction.


Here’s a non-confidential photo at the Avila Retreat Center.  It’s a peaceful setting where all religious denominations are welcomed.  Great southern hospitality!


When I got home, my dearest teaching widower had some treats waiting.  What a precious man!  My favorites: carrot cake and pomegranates.  Yum!

We will have the kiddos for Halloween trick-or-treating tomorrow.  Last year, my famous last words were, “Stay with me!” I’ll let you know what this year brings.


Our neighbors anxiously await the trick-or-treaters.  We’ll see if they regret that!