* Check out Math = Love to change mindsets

One of the most challenging aspects of reteaching math to struggling students (and helping them unlearn misconceptions) is their negative mindset.  By the time I am involved, these young kids are convinced they are stupid and cannot learn anything “math.”  They hate math.  They dread math, which can manifest as withdrawal or acting out.  It’s hard to find a place to start when kids are almost phobic about math.  For encouragement and strategies, check out the math teacher who writes Math = Love.  Sara Hagan is a young teacher from Oklahoma who freely shares her successes, which are many, along with the glitches that occur during the learning process.

One area that Sarah seems to excel is in transforming the mindset of students.  As a high school teacher, can you imagine the challenge of transforming students’ mindsets towards algebra?  How do you get from “I hate algebra!” to “I can do this!”?  Sarah says that she takes students who hate math and shows them the fun that it can be.  Wow!   Check out her site to see that mindsets can be changed!

You’ll find that Math = Love is also a treasure trove of downloadable posters.  Follow the link below for her blog on effective nurturing of a growth mindset, along with some super FREE downloads.

Math = Love: Growth Mindset and SBG Bulletin Board Downloads