* TToT for me

That’s Ten Things of Thankful, and after reading Lizzi’s TToT post, I regret every complaint I’ve spewed this past week.  Lizzi endured an excruciating emergency surgery and yet she found MORE than ten things for which to be grateful.  In that spirit, I am thankful for grace in its many forms.

#1.  Grace to change.  As I was driving home this week, tired but wanting to be grateful, I told myself I still have time to become a grateful person.  I thought about a relative who ended up as bitter as an unripe persimmon.  “I don’t want to be her when I grow up!” I thought, then realized I am grown up.  I am grateful for the grace I’m given each day to make better choices.

#2.  Grace by example.  My dearest widower endured a week of illness while training folks out of town.  Never complaining once.  Asking me today if he could bring me a cup of tea.  Oh my, I am grateful for his love and example.

#3.  Grace in huge doses.  Dear and precious friends who offer grace when I fall short.  My psychologist widower says it’s my attachment disorder. Now that I’m grown up, I should be past that, should feel more, trust more.  BUT I am grateful for the opportunities to practice and copy grace from others.

#4.  Grace in forgiveness.  This week I was weeding a family’s yard in order to restore their Bermuda grass lawn.  And I accidentally sprayed Bermuda grass killer on a chunk of their lawn!  They said, “No worries!  What can we do to help?”  Oh my.

#5.  Grace in tough times.  When I felt too sick to live up to a commitment today, a friend texted me, “No worries lady!! Take care of yourself!!”  Oh my.

#6.  Grace for my scheduling glitches.  I did not show up to tutor because I got my dates mixed up.  The mom told me not to worry and she meant it.

#7.  Grace for teaching. Joy of joys, the kiddo from #6 was actually disappointed to miss a lesson!  As hard as tutoring has been for him!

#8.  More grace for teaching.  Every school day, I walk into a room where a student shrieks with excitement at my arrival.  How can I ever be grateful enough for such love?  Such opportunity?  Oh my.

#9.  Grace for chocolate.  DId you know I was once allergic to chocolate?  Like eating-glass- allergic?  And then I was healed??  This is not a small thing.  I love chocolate.

#10.  Grace for blogging.  I have not been able to blog consistently in the past little while, yet faithful readers- and new ones- continue to encourage me.  Thank you for reading!  


Just as I am, without one plea….