* How I got my mojo back

My gingerbread baking mojo, that is.  It started off pretty rough with flour out the wazoo.  Everyone knows you don’t use that much flour or you’ll have a dusty white house instead of that rich caramel color.  Gingerbread 1

I used a terrific pattern by the Gingerbread Exchange folks.  Just register for free and download patterns, recipes, and more.  They also have a gallery of photos which I avoid, since I am crafty but not crafty, if you know what I mean.  Anti-Pinterest, in other words.Gingerbread 2

As I made house piece after house piece, I got into a rhythm.  I remembered that I can use the card stock pattern pieces to slide the sections onto baking pans (after ripping countless sticky pieces into tatters).  I recalled that no one, young or old, realizes that the roof pieces of this design are bigger than the walls, so I kept those separate.  My dearest widower cut cardboard, covered with aluminum foil, for a base which allows room to create a fancy garden.  He put goodies in bowls.  Then the real fun began.  Five kiddos had a blast!  Royal icing stuck to every surface!  And my gingerbread mojo was BACK!Gingerbread 3

No finished pictures?  The fun was in the making.  The kiddos carted off baggies of icing and goodies to keep the fun going.  And to give me a chance to scrape the house clean.